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Understanding Big Emotions – Guided Meditation

Close your eyes and take in a nice long breath through your nose. Allow your tummy to fill up like a balloon, and slowly exhale all the air out through your nose.

Do this five times to really relaxing your whole body, inhale filling your tummy, exhale releasing all the air back out. 


With ever deep breath you take, you will start to notice your body sinking deeper and deeper into the mat. 

Your toes begin to relax…

Your knees begin to relax…

Your hips begin to relax…

Your arms begin to relax…

Your fingers begin to relax…

Your heart begins to relax…

Before finally your face begins to relax…

Your whole body is at complete peace. 

Imagine now you are starting to fly high up into the sky.
Higher and higher you go until you reach the clouds…

All of your thoughts are floating around here, on top of the clouds, high up in the sky.
You have so many different thoughts all around you. Each thought you see makes you feel something. One thought may bring about a happy feeling in your body, the other a sad, frustrated or angry feeling. It is okay to feel these big emotions.

When you bring your attention to one thought you’ll notice how that emotion starts to overtake your whole body. 

Sometimes when our body is taken over by a big emotion, a good idea is to bring our attention back to our breath. This way we can allow these thoughts to float on by back into the clouds.

Inhale a deep breath in, and exhale a deep breath out. 

Gently watch as any worries, stresses, frustration or anger you feel begin to float away on the clouds. Notice how wonderful it feels to be free. Your mind is so clear and calm. You are completely peaceful. Floating on the wind back down to land reminds you that you can feel this way anytime you want. 

Big emotions can feel really strong at times. By breathing deeply you allow yourself to calm down a little before you talking things out with someone you trust.

We all experience big emotions every single day. There is nothing bad about any emotion, they are here for us to experience and grow from.

What we need to know is that we are in control of the emotion and the emotion are not in control of us.

Slowly your begin to float closer and closer to the ground…

…you feel as light as a feather. 

As you land back down on the ground you notice how warm and at ease your body feels, like part of the bright sun is hugging you up with a smile. The big fluffy clouds floating in the sky remind you that your thoughts can simply float on by with your breath.

It feels so good to know you are in control. 

Take in a deep breath in through the nose and a slowly exhale out again. When you are ready, bent your knees into your body and give yourself a big hug.

Stretch your arms over head…

And gently open your eyes.

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