What you will need?

Art is such an amazing way to express ourselves and to calm us down. Using your own imagination to connect a feeling to a colour and putting it down on paper can be a really beneficial way understand and release them.

Ask your child to sit for a moment and just bring an awareness to how they are feeling. 

A great thing to do before this activity is to listen to our Understanding Big Emotions Guided Meditation

Have some paper and different colouring pends ready in front of them and ask them to use the different colours to show how they are feeling. Let your children use this time, paper and pens to express their thoughts and feelings however they want to. Imagine their thoughts and emotions releasing from their mind down their arm, into their hand, down the pen and onto the paper. Allow this time to be unobstructed, unguided and free flowing. Remember there is no expectations for what this art work will look like, it is a free representation of your child’s mind.