Find a comfortable position laying on the ground. Feel the support of the floor (mat/bed) beneath your body. Allow yourself to completely surrender and relax into this space.

Take a big inhale and a long, slow exhale. Notice how your breath is feeling, is it strong and powerful, is it slow and calm? Continue breathing like this…


Lets take a dive into out imagination…

Can you feel the ground below you becoming soft and fluffy. It’s so comfortable. You feel the soft fluffiness squeezing up between your fingertips and between your toes. It’s so soft.

Your body feels as tho it is floating…. It is floating.

The soft fluffy feeling is a cloud beneath you. It’s lifting your body up into the sky. Higher and higher you float. Softer and softer you feel.

The cloud is taking you somewhere amazing…

You float on up until you reach more clouds… they all join together creating a layer between you and the earth below. For as far as you can see, it is all clouds with the bright beautiful sun shining above you.

The rays of sunshine bounce of the white clouds creating a shimmering effect.

It feels as tho you have found a magical place just for you. It is so calm and peaceful up here.

There are no distractions and you can simple relax.

What a gift it is to find this place of pure peace.

Remember you can find this place whenever you need… just breath deeply, close your eyes, and let’s the clouds lift you up.


Beging to wiggle your finger and wiggle your toes… coming back into your body resting on the ground.

stretching you arms up above your head… and gently opening you eyes.