Kids Yoga & Mindfulness

Term 3 | Arrowtown Community Halls | 12 Centennial Avenue

What To Expect

These sessions are specifically designed to plant the seed of yoga and mindfulness. We practice and learn through games, breathing techniques and guided meditations. Our core values are always at the heart of ever moment together and building strong connections are the foundation for all of this amazing growth to happen!

The Hour Together...

Welcome Circle

At the beginning of an After School Kids Yoga & Mindfulness sessions we always start by CONNECTING. We use this time to greet everyone and share anything that is bothering them or comes to mind.  A personal and group affirmation is then set for the session ahead.


We explore yoga in a fun and playful way! – Games, Songs, Dancing, Partner Yoga – all the exciting energy releasing activities are done at the beginning of an After School Kids Yoga and Mindfulness session. Our SoulJuice Yoga Card’s are always in hand with 30 yoga poses ready for any activity. 

Breathing Techniques

Breathing techniques are an amazing self-regulating tool to teach kids. The wonderful thing about breathing to find your calm, peace or simply listen is that you don’t need anything to do it! – Once kids know the techniques they are able to pick them out of their tool box WHENEVER they need.

Guided Meditations

At the end of every After School Kids Yoga & Mindfulness session we always finish with a grounding guided meditation. This give your children the space to know it is okay to slow down and find calm sometimes. Listening to a guided meditation at the end of the session also allows your children to be still and reflect on the past hour together. The SoulJuice scripts touch on things like: Understanding Big Emotions, Meeting Unkindness with Kindness Trying New Things


Creative arts, gratitude trees, seed growing are many of the ways in which your children will explore mindfulness. There is an element of mindfulness in every aspect of the hour together. Being mindful of the food we eat, mindful of the air we breath, mindful of the words we speak.

Where Does The Magic Happen?


“I have created this Kids Yoga & Mindfulness programme with the whole of my heart. I strongly believe that if we give our children the tools of mindfulness we will be able to see a much calmer and kinder world. When children feel safe, happy and connected we see them opening up and sharing so much joy!” – Ella Bhatt-Monro | +64 21 1589 796