Breathing Techniques

Print off the PDF documents to share some amazing breathing techniques with your children. 

What are the benefits of mindful breathing?

Giving children the skills of breathing techniques prior to them needing them is the key to helping them deal with big emotions and uneasy feelings.

The great thing about breathing techniques is that you don’t need anything to do them, just yourself.

With that in mind, below I have created some PDF document for you to use as a guide with your children when teaching them these amazing techniques. Its a great idea to leave these around the house, in places your children know they can access them whenever they need/want.

Some documents are finger tracing worksheets while others are breathing activities for you to learn and do together.

Have fun exploring these! 

Triangle Breath

Square Breath

Figure 8 Breath

Woodchopper Breath

Big Belly Balloon Breath

Flower Breathing

Rainbow Breath

Buzzy Bee Breath