Kids Yoga Retreat

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This is our signature 5 day Kids Yoga Retreat for children ages 5-12 to plant the seed of yoga and mindfulness during the school holidays!

Every morning begins with a SoulJuice juice ritual to welcome the day ahead. Some things we get up to include, yoga, games, dancing, breath work, video making, arts and crafts!

This is a time for your children to do something different, really get to know themselves and find there confidence!


Your Kids Will Gain...

Do you want to see your children thriving, living mindfully and at peace?

So that they are no longer...

  • Feeling shy 
  •  Have low self-esteem
  • Unsure of themselves 
  • Feel anxious 
  • Unable to connect with others
  • Having difficulty expressing their emotions

Our Week Together...


The first day of our Kids Yoga Retreat is all about CONNECTION. We believe that building strong connecting first and foremost gives our children the confidence and community that they deserve and share throughout the 5 days together!



Today we dive into the world of GRATITUDE. This day gives your children a sense of who they are, where they have come from and an appreciation to all the amazing wonders around them. 


Today is all about RESPECT. We learn about what respect means, how to show respect to ourselves, others and the earth.



Today is when we bring a big focus to TRUST. Your children will get to feel the amazing power of trusting in themselves and others!


This day is designed around GROWTH! Your children will be putting together a video to share all the amazing things they have learnt over the week. Today is all about celebrating! – Family members are invited to join us from 2.30pm!


We advise having your children join for the whole 5 days as this is a progressive programme...each day leads to the next!

What to Expect...

SoulJuice Morning Ritual

At the beginning of every day we start with our signature SoulJuice Juice Ritual to welcome the day ahead – Starting the day with connection and fresh juices to feed out bodies!


We explore yoga in a fun and playful way! – Games, Songs Dancing, Partner Yoga, Yoga Gym, Yoga Obstacle Course… Each yoga and mindful movement activity is designed in accordance with the days focus. Connection, Gratitude, Respect, Trust  & Growth. 

Creative Arts

We love getting into our creative arts with painting, group art project and self exploration journaling. At the end of every day your children have some reflection time where they write, draw, express however they like in their SoulJuice Journals.

Breathing Techniques & Mindfulness

Breathing techniques are an amazing self-regulating tool to teach kids. The wonderful thing about breathing to find your calm, peace or simply to just listen is that you don’t need anything to do it! – Once kids have the techniques they are able to pick them out of their tool box WHENEVER they need. Gratitude trees, understanding our food and all of our wonderful self explorations activities are some of the great ways your children will explore mindfulness.

Guided Meditations

At the end of every day we always finish with a guided meditation. This gives your children the space to know its okay to slow down and find calm sometimes. Listening to a guided meditation at the end of the day allows your children to be still and reflect on the day together. 

Growth Video

On the Friday we will be sharing a video with you, all your friends and family, of all the amazing things your kids have been up to! This is a time for your children to feel empowered and confident sharing all their amazing growth that has taken place.

Common Questions

How do I sign up?

            CLICK HERE and fill out our sign up form. Once you have sent it, keep an eye on your inbox. You will receive a confirmation email securing your child/ren’s spot after signing up and then another one once payment has been processed.

What is the investment for this amazing opportunity?

            $325 for the full 5 days.

We also offer a 5 week payment plan of $65 per week. We want this programme to be accessible to many family needs. If this is an option for you please email one of the SoulJuice team to arrange.

Does this programme run ever school holiday?

            Yes! Sign up to out email list below to be the first to know about up coming retreats and events!

What is the drop off and pick up times?

            Drop off 9am for the children to settle into the morning and get glittered/face painted up ready for the day! Morning ritual starts at arounds 9:20am.

Pick up is at 3pm. Option for additional hours is needed before and after 9am-3pm. Please email to arrange this with our Director at

Do I need to send my children with lunch?

            Our SoulJuice freshly squeezed juice, morning & afternoon tea are all included. Our SoulJuice fresh juice is made up during our morning ritual where everyone adds a vegetable or fruit to the juice. Morning & afternoon tea include fresh fruit and veg, bliss balls, crackers and hummus. You are welcome to provide your child/ren with any additional snacks they may need. 

Please send your children in with a healthy packed lunch and water bottle to stay hydrated.

What does my children need to wear? 

            Comfortable clothing and good walking shoes! – We encourage children to bring and use sunscreen.

I have more questions, can I talk to someone?

            100%! We would love to hear from you and be happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to email us at : or call the Kids Yoga Retreat Director, at +64 211589896 .

Where Does The Magic Happen?


“These Kids Yoga Retreats are my absolute favourite! I have created the programme to be full of fun & laughter. This is a different kind of holiday programme where your children get to experience something new and learn some amazing life skills! ” – Ella Bhatt-Monro | +64 21 1589 796