The word mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning “circle”. At Soul Juice we LOVE making human mandalas together!

With movement breath and touch we connect to each other with yoga poses. We continuously support each other with every move we take, finding the perfect collaborative pose or balance. 

Mandalas offer visuals of balance and symmetry, which symbolises unity and harmony.

Soul Juice is all about doing something together and connecting to one another. 

What better way to do this then to make a human mandala together! 

Human mandalas are an interactive fun process which incorporates the game of follow the leader and copy cat. We use team work and amazing concentration skills to get into each group pose safely, effectively and with allot of fun! 

Why don’t you try making a human mandala at home with your family? 

Hows do we practice this? 

Follow the leader 🤸‍♀️ 🤸‍♂️ 

Choose one person to be the leader. 

Begin standing in a circle side by side. 

The leader can then begin to move into their chosen poses. It make take a few goes around the circle to get into place! 

For example:

1- hands on ground (forward fold) 

2- step one foot back 

3- step other foot back to meet in downward facing dog. 

Moving on

4- bend the knees into the ground 

5- sit hips back into child’s pose 


Going around the circle everyone then copy’s the next person and this makes a wave of movement! – think Mexican wave!

It is a great game to practice patience!

Follow the leader is best suited to children 6 years and over however anyone is welcome and encouraged to give it a go! 

To make this a little more challenging… try doing it in silence.

Copy cat – 🐱 

Copy cat is slightly different, however it there is still one leader and everyone else’s copy’s them. For this human mandala the difference is that we slow the movements down completely so that everyone moves at the same time!

This is always done in silence. 🤫 

This practice improves concentration!

Copy cat is best suited to children 9 years and over.