Mums & Bubs Yoga

Tuesday’s | 10am – 11am | Arrowtown Community Halls | 12 Centennial Avenue

What To Expect

Our Mums and Bubs yoga classes offer a stress free hour in the day to stretch our your body with your baby. 

The class is offered to new mums with non mobile baby’s, from 6 weeks postpartum with a doctors/midwifes clearance note.

The class is very much the same as a prenatal class however with your bundle of joy in tow! We explore many different yoga postures and flows connecting to bub and involving them the whole way though.

The class is a non judgmental space where if you need to feed/change/cuddle your little one your are encouraged to do so. Then come and join back in whenever you are ready. We offer a very open and casual atmosphere.

The Class...


During a Mum’s and Bub’s yoga class our yoga postures and flows are designed with both mother and baby in mind. Postpartum comes with slowly getting back into exercise so this class is designed at a beginners level.

Breathing Techniques

Mindfully breathing is something that you are going to need on your new journey as a mother. During our Mum’s and Bub’s class your instructor will guide you though some breathing techniques to help you deal in over stressed situations, brininging you back down to earth and tapping into that parasympathetic nervous system.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Pelvic floor exercises postpartum are something every new mum should be doing. During your Mum’s and Bub’s yoga class your instructor will guide you though some pelvis floor exercises to build your muscles back up after labour and birth, aiding in the recover process. You will thank them later!


A much deserved time at the end of the class to rest and nourish your body. This relaxation practice will resolve around celebrating your body, giving gratitude and honouring yourself.. 

Where Does The Magic Happen?

“I love being a part of this beautiful journey. This is when mums are celebrating their body. Allowing themselves to accept the changes that happened and explore their new capabilities together with their bub’s” – Ili Zulkiflee | +64 21 1589 796