Lion’s breath is a great way of gaining power and releasing any anger you may hold! It’s a great tool for letting go of any strong and unwanted emotions. lions breath is a pranayama (breathing) practice in yoga which releases tension in the face, jaw, neck, and face. It leaves you with courage, energy, and always a little laughter!

This breath is very energetic. It opens the throat chakra and helps to boost confidence.

How do practice lions breath? 🦁 

Imagine that you are a mighty lion and you have a great and powerful roar.  Sitting on your knees, bring your hands straight out in front of you and clench your first. Lift your chest up tall like a proud lion. 

While we do this let’s think of an emoting we want to let go of. Might that be anger or frustration. Whatever YOU want to release. Hold on to that emotion scrunched up in your hands and get ready to release it. 

ROAR as loud as you can while sticking your tongue out and releasing your your hands/fingers!

Some prompts on what to say to your children to get them to really tap into an emotion:

“I’m going to think of a feeling/thought that I would like to let go off.”

“Earlier I felt angry when………….. I would really like to let go of that feeling”

“It feels so good to release that emotion”

“What feeling or thought are you holding onto” 

Modelling is key!