Now that you are calm and cosy, we’re going to listen to a beautiful guided meditation.

Get comfortable. Close your eyes, and imagine that you are part of this story.

Take in a deep breath in, and let it out slowly. As you continue breathing deeply and calmly, think about how good it feels to be still in your body.

(Body scan) – Feel your toes relax… feet relax… ankles relax… knees relax… thighs relax… hips relax…

belly relax… fingers relax… hands relax… arms relax… chest relax…  neck relax… face relax…

You are completely peaceful.

Imagine now that your body is floating higher and higher into the sky… You stretch out your arms and notice that they are mighty wings gliding though the air… They are not like any wings you have ever seen before…They are a beautiful brown colour covered in sparkles of gold.

You feel the wind vibrating thought your feathers.

Up in the sky it feels like any worried or fears you have had are falling off you.

Your thoughts are calm, your mind is calm, your body is calm.

You notice, down below, a pond of water…

You swoop down and land on a rock, leaning over and peering into the water you stare back at your face in the reflection.

You are a mighty eagle… Full of courage and freedom.

The eagle reminds you to always be honest and truthful to yourself and to others…

You feel this message in your body giving you strength and power.

Walking around you notice the tall trees swaying in the wind, the sun beaming down onto the earth and the animals exploring and looking after each other… What a wonderfull world we live in.

Taking the message of the eagle away with you, you fly back up into the clouds and make your way towards your resting body.

Sinking deeper and deeper back into your body and back into the mat you remember the courage and freedom you felt in the body of the eagle. – Honestly and truthfulness…

Bending your legs and giving your body a big hug…. take a deep breath in… and a slow breath out… and gently open your eyes.