Guided Meditations

Download and print the calming guided mediation scripts below.

I always recommend reading the scripts to your children yourself. It give an extra layer of relaxation as your children feel connected and calm listeing to the voice of someone they know and love. Additionally it created that beautiful boding experience between you and your child 💛


What are the benefits of Guided Meditations for chidren?

💛provided a time for reflection

💛increases self-awareness and empathy

💛reduced stress and anxiety

💛helps focus and concentration

💛regulates mood and emotions

Tips for reading guided meditations to kids!

begin by inviting some deep breaths

use a soft calm voice

speak clearly and slowly

allow moments of silence

option for calming background music

do not have any expectations for how long your child will stay in the meditation –

sometimes this might be 30 seconds! Next time 5minutes!

Sending Love

Beautiful Butterfly

Warming Fire

Understanding Big Emotions

Trying New Things

Meeting Unkindness With Kindness

Floating Clouds