Meeting Unkindness with Kindness – Guided Meditation

Take a nice long inhale, and a slow exhale, breathing deep into your belly.

Feel as it rises and falls with each breath you take.

Feel yourself relaxing more and more with ever exhale you take.

Feel a light warming your body, making you feel more and more relaxed.

More and more quiet…

Visualise this light moving into you body, seeping into each and every cell of your being. 

Sending a wave of relaxation throughout your entire body…

Imagine now that your whole body is a ball of light

Imagine that ball of light floating in the air, light, relaxed, calm.

Now imagine doing something you love to do.

Enjoying your day in the best possible way.

Sharing this experiences with your friends.

Feeling happy, laughter, and love.

Feel how it feels in your body to share this love, light and happiness with your friends.

Imagine yourself giggling and smiling…

simply enjoy this moment…

Feeling happier and your heart feeling more and more open.

Smiling more, laughing more.

Feeling more moment of love and laughter with your friends.

Feeling your heart opening and filling with love.

Feeling warmer and lighter 


Now imagine a person who has been unkind to you.

Someone who has been saying hurtful things or someone who has brought you pain. 

Imagine this person coming into your circle of friends,

of happinesses, of love and laughter.

Notice how that makes you feel.

See how your body reacts.

Does your body retract, does your heart close.

Maybe nervous, uncertain, worries, afraid.

Simply feel how you feel in this moment.


Now begin to open your heart and connect to that love and laughter you felt before.

Invite this person into your circle of friends and share with them the feeling of happiness, laughter, and love.

Notice how it makes you feel to have made a new positive friendship. 

More love and laughter, your heart opening even more, smiling more, laughing more.

Simply feel how wonderful it is to open your heart.

Sometimes people who are unkind to you are the people who need your friendship the most. 

Enjoy your time here with your fiends, old and new. 


Bring both your hands over your heart and really feel into this space of openness. 

You are capable of making a positive changes,

You are strong,

You are brave,

You are loved,

You are kind.

Take a deep breath in. And a slow long exhale out…

Gently begin wriggle your fingers, wriggle your toes, and slowly open your eyes. 

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